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Fox Valley Marathon

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Jun 13, 2011



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Boston Qualifier

Running Accomplishments:

A bunch of Marathons -- PR - 2:48:53 (Fall 2014)

A bunch of Half Marathons -- PR - 1:19:20 (Aug. 2015 - Converted)

10k - 36:30 Unaided // 35:25 (July 2014 - Aided)

5k - 17:28 (Aug. 2015)

1mi. - 4:58 (July 2014 - Track)


Short-Term Running Goals:


5/16: G. Canyon - R2R2RGot It!! (about 13 hours)

6/22: Series 5k - 17:xx   17:47

9/28: Mill Race Marathon - 2:49:xx

11/9: Tunnel Hill 100 - Let's Finish the distance !  


Long-Term Running Goals:

R2R2R in Grand Canyon  5/18/19 

Wonderland Trail, JMT,

Marathon < 2:45

Half Marathon < 1:18

Top 10 in Bluegrass 10k

5k < 17


400m/800m competitively in track in high school.  Took 15 years off. Started running again in 2010.  Married to my beautiful wife, Tiffany, with 2 little boys, now 4 and 6.  I'm a civil engineer working for the Indiana DOT in Seymour, IN.   I live in a slightly larger town about 20 miles north - Columbus, IN.  Originally from Lexington, KY.


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Miles:This week: 37.20 Month: 216.15 Year: 216.15
Barefoot Running Lifetime Miles: 4.00
Swimming Lifetime Miles: 6.20
Elliptical Lifetime Miles: 81.50
Vilano Road Bike Lifetime Miles: 964.88
Vilano Bike On Mag Trainer Lifetime Miles: 234.75
Saucony A5 - Green Lifetime Miles: 180.34
Saucony Peregrine - Black Lifetime Miles: 426.07
Saucony Kinvara 6 - White Lifetime Miles: 635.80
Hoka One Infinite Lifetime Miles: 891.17
Red Peregrine Velcro Lifetime Miles: 267.10
Red Peregrine NO Velcro Lifetime Miles: 133.30
Clifton 4 Blue 1 Lifetime Miles: 752.55
CLIFTON 4 Blue 2 Lifetime Miles: 727.43
Race: Fox Valley Marathon (26.2 Miles) 03:01:36, Place overall: 20, Place in age division: 5
Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTotal Distance

Start off with saying that I am pleased with this result.  Dissappointed with not hitting anywhere near the expected time, but, I have nailed down the reasons - mostly due to lack of proper training.  Looking back at my 3-4 months of training a couple weeks ago, I realized that I lacked the quantity of true long runs and longer tempo runs needed to endure those final miles at pace.  The volume of mileage was great during those 3-4 months (300 for August) time, but, I didn't have the quantity of individual 2-3 hr runs needed.   

Also, the course played its part: The race that claims it is a top 30 qualifier for Boston... hmm.  It is flat enough, but I'm not so sure that the they ran the same course this year as the first 2 years?  There were about 5 or 6 construction areas, and or fenced off areas through parking lots that the course ran through.  It may sound like whining (it is :)), but that number of hairpin turns and having to negotiate the 90-180 degree turns and very short, but very steep grades on gravel 10-12 times wears on the legs and momentum.  In the later miles its mentally taxing, also...

Course and training deficiencies are demonstrated through the odd, fluctuating splits and awful splits for the last 5-7 miles on this "flat course". 

6:41, 6:32, 6:43, 6:44, 6:35, 6:39, 6:36, 6:46, 6:44, 6:41, 6:40, 6:34, 6:44, 6:41, 6:33, 6:39, 6:37, 6:40, 6:52, 6:54, 6:59, 7:09, 7:25, 7:44, 8:07, 8:08, 2:16 - 0.29 mi. ?

Picked up an extra 0.1 somewhere...

Don't recommend this race to peers and you fast 2:20-2:30 guys, unfortunately.  Its over $100 for entry, and no prize money for you faster guys.  It is a smaller race (~1000 people total) so running what I thought I was capable of today would've put me in top five.

Chicago will def. be a training run, 1 or 2 halfs in October, and really shoot for the moon at Indy Monumental in November.

On a lighter note, I really did well icing and working on recovery yesterday and my soreness isn't horrible today :)


Saucony Kinvara 2 - Black/Gold Miles: 27.20
Weight: 0.00
From Kam on Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 10:29:39 from

Those course adjustments sound horrible. Still, a sub-7 pace marathon under any conditions is nothing to sniff at. You were rock solid through 20. The next one will be much sweeter.

From Andrea on Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 12:21:02 from

I agree - the course adjustments sound terrible. Tough finish there at the end. Your workouts and mileage have been very solid, but maybe you're right - you just needed a few more longer runs. 3:01 is still a solid time and with the proper recovery, you'll be ready to roll for Indy!

From Jake K on Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 13:04:38 from

Joe - good job under the circumstance. There was a discussion about "flat and fast" courses on Letsrun last week, and people were saying that this one wasn't as fast as advertised. All those turns and little sharp gradients really mess with your momentum and rhythm. It'll be a nice building block towards Monumental, which IS a nice fast course, and that has been proven by several guys on this blog.

From SlowJoe on Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 11:31:22 from

3:01 on a tough course with few long runs under your belt - not bad at all, especially when you consider there are a couple 8-minute miles in there. I still think your focus race will be a big PR; you'll be able to hold that pace from the first 20 the whole way.

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